Rules & Regulations for students

Attendance & Examinations

  • 80% attendance is a must. All scheduled classes or number of lectures requirement must be fulfilled.
  • Students must be present 15 minutes in advance in the campus for the lectures.
  • Irregular or non-serious students will not be allowed to appear for exams.
  • All assignments, quizzes, projects & course work should be turned in with the Examination Cell at the time of final grades. This record will be maintained for 1 semester and then destroyed except the course grades.
  • Final result for the course will be revealed to students prior to its notification by the Controller of Examination.
  • The Institute believes in curbing the practices of unfair means during class tests and exams. The college will extend its full support to the Faculty to curb this tendency. Answer books of student indulging in cheating should be turned in to Controller of Examination at the time of submitting grades during exam with the instructor’s remarks for necessary action.
  • Usage of computer based assignments will be incorporated in course modules. Conscious efforts will be made to this effect.
  • At the end of a semester, official grade repots will be sent at the student’s recorded addresses. Duplicate copies will be issued against token fees.
  • The teachers should not change the date and venue of examination notified in the date sheets on their own or at the request of students or group of students. Any such change due to abnormal circumstances must be intimated in advance to Examination Cell.
  • Mentoring: a group of 10 students shall be assigned to a Faculty Member who will advise and help them on all matters connected with their studies. These academic advisers shall advise the students about the courses they are supposed to register in each semester. They shall be responsible for monitoring their attendance in the classes and monitor their performance in the mid-term and final-term examinations. More importantly they shall maintain close liaison with the students.
  • The students must make up for any class assignments/test or other requirements that he/she misses as a result of his/her absence. However if a student misses a significant number of classer. Else, he/she may have to repeat the course.


  • All kinds of indiscipline or misconduct shall be dealt with firmly. It may also lead to dropping of the students from the institute rolls.
  • Misconduct with Inter-alia Includes A) Academic dishonesty involving cheating in the examinations, plagiarism, forging of documents B) Rude behavior with Faculty and Staff C) Unruly behavior on the campus D) Violation of institute’s rules and regulations E) Prohibition of Smoking - anyone found smoking on campus will be heavily fined. On first warning NIL, on second warning Rs.500/- and on third warning Rs.1000/- F) Repeated defaults may lead disciplinary action and to the expulsion from the institute.


  • All college dues for a particular semester shall be paid at the time of admission by the new students and by the date specified in the Academic Calendar by the other students.
  • In case, a student is unable to pay his/her dues by the said date, he/she shall pay 25% of the total amount at the time of registration of courses remaining in three equal installments before the sixth day of the succeeding months to complete the payment before the final term examinations.
  • Students who fail to clear their dues according to the procedure shall have to pay fine according to the following schedule.
    • Rs.300/ for 1st week
    • Rs.500/ for 2nd week
    • Rs.1000/ for 3rd week
    • Rs.1500/ for 4th week
  • If a student wants to withdraw from the college, 75% of the dues paid by him will be refunded within seven days of the date of deposit. 50% within two weeks and no refund after 2 weeks. Registration fee will however, not be refunded.
  • Dues of the college shall be paid through a bank draft or in cash. No cheques shall be entertained.

For Admission

  • The admission officer shall verify the transcript of applicants for admissions coming from other Institutions with the original transcripts and make a note of it on the photocopy of the transcript (both for transfer of credits and last terminal degree). In the absence of admission officer, one of the members of admission committee shall verify the original transcripts.
  • The verification procedure shall be applicable to degrees and certificates awarded by the public universities and board of education and by the organization for work experience certificate.
  • In the case of all other institutions the copies of transcripts shall be sent to the institutions concerned for verification. The process shall be initiated by the admission officer and the communication shall be signed by the Registrar. The Admission office shall keep a record of the cases whose verification or exemption has not yet completed and ensure there is no undue delay in the finalization of these cases.

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