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Executive MBA – How is it different from MBA?

If your career chart shows steady growth, if you’re ambitious and keen to deepen your business knowledge, an Executive MBA (E-MBA) is for you. An E-MBA is the best way to develop new skills, give you an insight into various managerial approaches along with different business practices. Simply put, an E-MBA is a career booster.

E-MBA as a career

Transcripts from the Taxila and Nalanda Universities are a testament to the invaluable knowledge that Ancient Indians possessed. The advent of the British brought in a new wave of education. The introduction of internet and computers yet again transformed the way education is imparted. Now, with an integration of technology like artificial intelligence, simulation and augmented reality on rising, the Indian Education sector is set to change again.

The Fact is “ On an average, more than 50 lakh students graduate every year in India. More than 75%+ students are entering the job market and ‘Nearly 47 percent graduates in India unemployable ” – (

In just a few years, the higher education system in India has grown by leaps and bounds. The ever-increasing demands of the economy play a crucial role in the development of India’s educational sector. Students, administrators, and policymakers are now realizing that traditional jobs for the existing curriculums are reducing. Contemporary courses have sprung up to cater to the demands of today’s competitive world.

Gone are the days when students are satisfied with a simple Bachelor’s degree. It is now the norm for universities and educational institutes to offer courses like MBAs, E-MBAs, PGDMs, MCA, etc., to prepare future managers and business leaders.

It can be tricky to decide which course to undertake. Especially so, when there’s only a thin line of difference between two courses. For instance, while a Master’s in Business Administration is a good choice for someone who’s just completed their graduation, an E-MBA is better for working professionals.

Here are some interesting facts about the E-MBA program!

  1. The first E-MBA program was created at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business in 1943. The purpose was to strengthen leadership in American business in the wake of World War II. The first class only had 15 faculty members, 33 regular students, and 47 special students.
  2. There are now more than 300 E-MBA programs located in nearly 40 countries around the world.
  3. E-MBA allows students to enhance their leadership skills without interrupting their career.
  4. Universities often combine online and face-to-face learning to provide students with opportunities to be mentored by industry leaders.
  5. Many institutes provide online as well as on-campus learning. Hence, in all probability, students may belong to diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

At GNIMS, a specially constituted Board of Studies has re-designed the E-MBA program. The program, designed by industry experts, includes lectures, workshop seminars, brainstorming sessions and group discussions for collaborative studies with peers from varied backgrounds. Over a span of three semesters, students gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental business disciplines along with an understanding of information systems, analytical techniques and statistical model development among other things.

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