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22 Nov

Karyaniti: Learn – Play – Win

November 22, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

There was hustle amongst the students as they were engaged in the preparations for celebrating HR Day. Some of them were busy making floral Rangoli at the entrance of Classroom 202 while others had equipped themselves with setting up their respective game counters inside the classroom. The event was preponed by around 8 days, still everything was in order by the PGDM students’ management skills. The banners made by the students displayed “Karyaniti” in bold, named for the purpose behind this event. It was being celebrated to spread awareness about the Human Resources (HR) concepts and activities happening in an organization.

Faculty enjoying the game of HR Taboo with students

Prof. Chanpreet Kaur Bhatia was running helter-skelter with vibrant energy, supervising the event. Students were asked to invite all the faculty members. Dr. D.Y.Patil, Director GNIMS was given the honor to cut the ribbon and inaugurate the ceremony.


All the faculty and organizing students followed Dr. Patil Sir inside the classroom. Everyone stood with rapt attention for Deep Prajwalan (Lamp lighting ceremony) and the Prayer song. Deh Shiva bar Mohe (17th century hymn written by Guru Gobind Singh) started playing on the speakers. A prayer song giving message to the participants and those present in the event to never refrain from righteous acts… ‘Na daro ar siyo jab jah laroon; NIshchay kar apni jeet karo’ (Fight without fear all foes in life’s battles, with confident courage claiming the victory.)

The event consisted of 4 simulation games based on Human Resource (HR) subject concepts and using terminologies denoting the same. The games were time bound and governed by rules, playable with the sportsman spirit to win prizes. Students had made avenue to generate revenue through entry fees (Rs. 20 – 30), which was used to cover the cost of organizing the event and prizes.  Each group had set their counters as follows: –

  • Memory Master: – The motto of this game was to test the brain power of participants and mastering your memorizing power. It included 2 stages – First round consisted of memorizing 5 HR Management jargon, which were arranged in a bowl of chits with no repetition. The host would ask the participant any word in jumbled sequence and later ask to explain the same in brief testing his knowledge of the subject. In the next stage, the contestant is given 10 seconds time and 5 chances to throw a coin in a glass placed inside a bucket full of water. The first stage conveyed the message of how memory should be used as a tool to set goals and the later one was actual realization of that goal.


  • HR Taboo: – This game focused on the corporate hierarchy and consisted of a quiz to be played among members of the same team. A group of 2 members each and another similar group was the requirement of the game. Time limit was 1:30 mins each team in which the objective was to make our team member answer all the questions correct and climb the positions from HR Assistant to the top at HR Director.


  • Karyaniti Audio Tic-Tac-Toe:The organizers behind this

    Students engaging their professors in a game of Audio Tic-tac-toe

    game innovated the childhood fun game by adding Human resources terms (viz., Human Capital, Job Description, etc.) in the form of boxes drawn crisscross on a chart. The host would provide the contestant with the chart and tell them to memorize the positions of those terms. Later she would ask those terms strategically via position of boxes. The motto of this game was to spread and test knowledge about HR related terms while testing the alertness of the contestants.


  • Buzz Wire & Magnet Maze:This counter had kept the traditional learning games which were aimed at testing the Concentration ability needed in managing any business activity. In Buzz Wire there is a circuit through which the contestant has to move a key and if it gets touched to the wire then the bulb will glow and contestant would lose. Magnet Maze as the name suggests focused on finding a way out of the puzzling maze using magnets, which emphasized on finding a solution to every business problem which the students will encounter as Business Managers of tomorrow.

The games were initiated with a free round for all the faculty members. All the professors were friendly with the students and enjoyed every game. Dr. Patil Sir was winning all the games and hearts of students with ace and a gentle demeanor. Students from other courses were encouraging and uplifting the spirit of the PGDM organizing students by participating in games. Everyone was playing with the aim of bagging most of the exciting prizes from Smiles and hello kitty earphone cases, keychains, chocolates and other goodies. The last major event left after the games was the “Ali Baba and the 40 Chor”which made students run around the GNIMS campus in search of interesting clues based on HR subject.

Proud Students posing with certificates and faculty

Every student who had assisted in organizing Karyaniti 2018 HR Day was awarded a Certificate by the Director Dr. D.Y.Patil Sir himself. The specialty of the professors at GNIMS is constant innovation in the teaching methodology. Prof. Chanpreet Kaur Bhatia believed in making students learn and revise the concepts through conducting simulation corporate games. The event concluded with cheerful faces and a great saying in mind about the teachers at GNIMS,

“Some teachers taught the ‘Curriculum’ today. Other teachers taught students ‘Today’. And there’s a big difference.”

Event Details

Date: November 22, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 2:30 pm
Time: 9:30 am - 2:30 pm
Venue: GNIMS Classroom 202 and GNIMS Campus