Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies (GNIMS) is one of the most prestigious educational institutions credited with imparting quality education in management since 2002. Established by Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandhak Committee, GNIMS has grown to include plethora of courses suitable for today’s generation.

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Vision: To be a leading business school for innovative and entrepreneurial approach to education, research and collaboration.(ISO 9001:2015)
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    “Change before you have to.” ~ Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric

GNIMS Offering Best-in-class Industry Oriented MDP Programmes

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Today, amidst the ever increasing industry demands, the traits required among Managers as well as Executives viz., Leadership and Management, is more complex than ever.

The rapid growth of technology has brought in dynamic & constant change in business environment. Today’s business environment is global and interconnected, demanding culturally aware and digitally fluent executives & leaders who can both manage diverse teams and resonate with a diverse customer base. The most important combination expected by the corporates is agility and emotional intelligence with innovative thinking and an inclusive mindset.

To be an asset to any company, workforce must be adaptable and able to pivot quickly with sudden market changes in an uncertain economic and geopolitical climate.

In order to fulfill such growing expectations from the working managers and executives, GNIMS’ MDP Programmes are the perfect solution for it!

Our MDP programnes aims to….

  • Upskill and Re Skill human resources in order to remain relevant in the organisation & the industry.
  • Raise the capabilities of Managers and boost their productivity
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of employees
  • Discover newer ways to find solutions to problems
  • Equip participants with latest tools and techniques
  • Improve decision-making capabilities.
  • Ensure personal growth of each employee
  • Foster teamwork
  • Assist in succession planning for Senior management

In order to keep up in the competitive business environment, it is difficult for any organization to develop a human resource which abides by the factors of time, problem solving attitude and corporate etiquettes.

Our MDP team offers exclusive custom designed programmes, to address specific Executive Learning and Corporate Training requirements, respective of Individual organisations.

Such programmes can be domain specific as in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy, Leadership, etc. or interdisciplinary, involving an optimal mix of multiple functional areas.

Under this format, courses are co-created with the client organisations keeping in mind their respective special requirements. These courses are scheduled at a mutually convenient date and venue. GNIMS has partnered with many active stalwarts in the corporate world, to bring in the latest content in curriculum for the optimum benefit of its MDP applicants.

It has created a wide array of cutting – edge training modules that enable its participants and executive learners to be proactive in a constantly changing global marketplace. Some of the well acclaimed MDP programs are listed below: –

  • Strategic Industrial Relations
  • Evolving Leadership Roles
  • Interpersonal Skills & Emotional Intelligence
  • Dynamic Management in a Globalized Business World
  • Cyber Laws and its governance in a Digital Environment
  • Applied Data Science
  • Big Data Analytics & Its Implications in Marketing World
  • MarTech Stack and Tools

Apart from the above MDP courses highlights, our forte lies in applying the unconventional teaching pedagogy involving case studies, simulations, role plays, closed group analyses, and applied learning projects, interspersed with lecture sessions on theory and practice. We believe in providing our learning managers & executives with highly interactive sessions, where we encourage them to question assumptions, identify opportunities, solve complex problems, develop operational performance, boost productivity, and in the process, build sustainable competitive advantage.

The knowledge and insights gained as a result of such sessions have immediate applications for high-priority management challenges.

Thus, we try to be a support pillar by meeting the gap between industry standards and expectations from corporate workforce, while fulfilling the main objectives of the organisation they are working for. Reaching out to us at GNIMS for co-creating an MDP Program for your organisation’s talented workforce is one of the wisest decisions you will make to escalate their career and taking your organisation to the next level.

So why wait? Contact us today and let us become the transformation partner in your business!