Post Graduate Program
in Sports Management

By India's Leading Sports & Business Faculty

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Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Mumbai, India credited with imparting quality education since 2002.
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Welcome to the $650B Global Sports Industry

Post Graduate Program in Sports Management course will serve as an overview of business in the field of sports. The syllabus will explore the business style and development of the sports industry, current state, and future trends in the discipline through the lenses of professionals and experienced faculty from sports. Students will be introduced to the basic doctrines and principles of sports management.

Program Features

Classes Begin August 2021
Course Duration 12 months for 6 days / 30 hours per week
Course Delivery Online + Classroom
Eligibility Bachelor's degree, diploma or equivalent from a recognized University
Course Fees ₹2,00,000
inclusive of Tuition Fee, Comprehensive Materials, Merchandizes and all applicable taxes
Loan and accommodation assistance shall be provided

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Placement Assistance

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Sports Management Curriculum

  1. Indian Sports Grid
  2. Evolution of the Sports Industry in India
  3. Contemporary Trends (Indian and Global)
  4. Management and Related Theories
  5. Sports Management as an Industry
  6. Components of Sports Management
  7. Digital Literacy (Optional)
  1. Organisational Behaviour
  2. Talent Spotting
  3. Financial Budgeting
  4. Marketing & PR
  5. Sports Media (Part 1)
  6. Law
  7. Merchandising
  8. Funding
  9. Esports
  1. Client Servicing and Relationship Management
  2. Sports Communication
  3. Sports Contract and Managing Talent
  4. Sports Media (Part 2)
  5. Tech and Data Analytics
  6. Global Tie-ups
  7. League Management
  8. Conflict Management
  1. Live Project
  2. Planning an Event
  3. Dissertation (5000 words)

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