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GNIMS is one of the most prestigious educational institutions credited with imparting quality education in management since 2002. Established by Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandhak Committee, GNIMS has grown to include plethora of courses suitable for today’s generation.

- GN Khalsa College Campus, Kings Circle, Matunga East, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019

- 022 2404 3928


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To foster innovation and entrepreneurial mind-set amongst students.


To create a platform that encourages an entrepreneurial mind-set amongst students.


 To create a spirit of entrepreneurship through exchange of ideas.

 To encourage support ,incubate and mentor start-up.

 To provide various services essential for entrepreneur.


To collaborate with organizations, institutions & authorities that support entrepreneurship.

To seek corporate support and engagements in the process of developing entrepreneurs.

To fulfil the requirements of stakeholders such as students, start-ups, institutions, investors and government bodies promoting entrepreneurship by acting as a catalyst /facilitator.

Inviting all stakeholders to collaborate, contribute, support and guide our initiative.

Opportunities for collaboration

Government bodies can avail the opportunities and the platform from various schemes . Investors will be able to identify and offer products and service to start-ups and innovators 

Existing  and would be entrepreneur  can get the opportunity to learn from the best under reality ,seek guidance ,mentorship as well as funding incubation and ancillary support.

Educational institution can take advantage from workshops ,seminars and other learning support to be evolved by ISEC.